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Posted by pulkomandy on Fri Jun 26 17:42:56 2009  •  Comments (4)  • 

This is the new server of the PulkoTeam! Enjoy your stay here.

Everything is still work in progress, so please be patient.

Warning: this site looks simple, but it uses css3 features and some other things that require a modern browser. It was tested with Opera 10, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome 3. Anything older may not work. Don't complain, upgrade your browser or disable css.

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Posted by Torak on Thu Jun 25 14:46:22 2009

Why all texts are in english ?
(C'est tout petit pour écrire j'arrive pas à lire :/)

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Posted by PulkoMandy on Thu Jun 25 15:07:49 2009

La version multilingue du cms n'est pas encore prête ! J'y travaille ...

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Posted by Romain on Thu Sep 3 09:48:37 2009

ça a été testé avec Firefox 3.5 ?

au fait : http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fpulkomandy.ath.cx%2F_%2F_%2F_Hello%2520World

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Posted by PulkoMandy on Thu Sep 3 10:41:19 2009

Oui, c'est du css3 valide mais pas du css2.1 . Pas de graves conséquences sur l'apparence du site de toutes façons.

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