Kernel Debugging Camp

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Camp!

What is it?

After years of being the main event around Haiku and BeOS, BeGeistert decided to take a break this year. Maybe someday they will return, who knows.

However, recent editions of BeGeistert came with a coding sprint, where Haiku developers can sit in the same room and collaborate on big projects. This is very valuable in a project where most collaboration otherwise happens remotely, by IRC and e-mails.

Kernel Debugging Camp is a way to continue this coding sprint tradition, even without BeGeistert.

Where and when?

Details are still being worked out, but the plan is to host the event at the CIST, near Toulouse. They provide meeting rooms, food, and beds (5 per room), in a setup not too different from what we had in previous coding sprints.

The sprint will start on Sunday, november 19 in the evening, and end on Friday, november 24. This is right after the Capitole du Libre, a local event about free software (also hosting a Mini Debconf this year), which takes place on saturday and sunday (18 and 19 november).

Haiku will have a booth during the week-end to demo the OS and applications to the public, and try to hire more developers. There will likely also be some talks by Haiku developers.

But I'm not a kernel developer!

Don't worry, despite the catchy name (I was asked to find one), the event is open to everyone interested in contributing to Haiku. Wether you plan to fix a driver, or just do some housekeeping on applications, or even just help updating documentation, website or wiki pages, your help is welcome.

Attending the whole week is difficult for me!

No problem, you can join and leave at any time. Just tell us when registering so that we can organize everything.

How to register?

Just send me an e-mail. Easy!

How much does it cost?

A bed in a 5-bed room plus breakfast, lunch and dinner is €56 per day/night. We also need to book a conference room, which may be €250 for a week for up to 8 people, or more expansive if the event is very popular. It's possible that Haiku, inc. is willing to pay for this part, however, I'll check with them.

Who's in?

The following people plan to attend the event:

What are you waiting for? Join us!