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#100 palette cursors not visible after use of its hotkeys Thomas Bernard defect major 2.7 GrafX2
#121 palette editor does not save current palette Thomas Bernard defect critical 2.7 GrafX2
#117 palette editor uses wrong colors after save Thomas Bernard defect major GrafX2
#45 relative paths should allways start from same point Thomas Bernard enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#157 segfault when saving images Thomas Bernard defect major 2.8 GrafX2
#11 show total frames in animation panel Adrien Destugues enhancement minor 2.5 GrafX2
#47 somehow make it visible what page is active PulkoMandy enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#73 sources contain non ascii characters PulkoMandy defect minor 2.6 GrafX2
#154 split large source files Thomas Bernard task minor 2.7 GrafX2
#143 strange flash in load/save dialog pulkomandy defect minor GrafX2
#108 switch port pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#52 troubles to build under OS X pulkomandy defect major 2.5 GrafX2
#36 use SDL TTF without needing X Windows PulkoMandy defect major 2.6 GrafX2
#109 virtual keyboard broken pulkomandy defect major 2.7 GrafX2
#101 win32 version only closes if cursor is moved back over drawing area Thomas Bernard defect minor GrafX2
#90 win32/sdl : libtiff-5.dll missing Thomas Bernard defect critical 2.6 GrafX2
#49 windows zlib1.dll error entrypoint missing PulkoMandy defect major 2.6 GrafX2
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