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#92 improve Color cycling Speed range pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.6 GrafX2
#103 Click on filename in Save dialog sets write cursor where clicked Thomas Bernard enhancement minor 2.7 GrafX2
#105 minimize the number of .C files that include <windows.h> Thomas Bernard enhancement minor 2.8 GrafX2
#107 "From clipboard" button: fall back to interpreting clipboard data as path to image Thomas Bernard enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#108 switch port pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#118 common key configuration file pulkomandy enhancement major GrafX2
#134 IFF / ILBM : save EHB Amiga pictures Thomas Bernard enhancement minor 2.7 GrafX2
#146 Add support for the TMS9918 Graphic II mode (MSX1, ColecoVision, SG-1000 etc) Thomas Bernard enhancement trivial GrafX2
#147 Drawing Pixels with Keyboard pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7 GrafX2
#149 Support for fractional Pixel Aspect Ratios pulkomandy enhancement major GrafX2
#151 Support for high-color modes pulkomandy enhancement minor GrafX2
#158 Keyboard layout independence (Linux) pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.8 GrafX2
#8 User Manual rework Thomas Bernard task major 2.7 GrafX2
#24 Unfinished save/load in Palette Thomas Bernard task major 2.5 GrafX2
#35 Mail notifications for trac tickets pulkomandy task major 2.5 GrafX2
#154 split large source files Thomas Bernard task minor 2.7 GrafX2
#156 link to pulkomandy task minor 2.8 GrafX2
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