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#110 new enhancement

Indicate in toolbar whether transparent background is enabled

Reported by: D Gowers Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: major Milestone: 2.10
Component: GrafX2 Version: 2.7
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When configuring transparency, it can be difficult to figure out whether transparency will actually
be used when saving, and this can produce a few false-starts getting an image to save with transparency.
The Transparent Background status is indicated in the 'layers manager' dialog, but not on the main screen.
My suggestion is a small tick mark overlaid on the Transparency icon when this option is enabled.

As an aside: I'm slightly confused about the behaviour of rightclicking the Transparency icon.
Mainly, if the user is activating this 'set transparent color' action, it seems that in almost all
cases they will also want the transparent background checkbox enabled. However, that action doesn't effect
the transparent background checkbox. Is this an oversight, or am I misunderstanding something?

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comment:1 by Thomas Bernard, 5 years ago

@pulkomandy: what do you think about this ? maybe we should even color the "Get/Set Transparency col." button so it is more clear what is done ?

@D Gowers: The transparency option is mostly used on multilayer pictures, the "Transparent Background" option is only used when saving to GIF or PNG.
Maybe it should be renamed as "Save as transparent background"

comment:2 by PulkoMandy, 5 years ago

The "transparent background" is used when saving to know if the bottom layer should be transparent. The other layers are always transparent. There is a visual hint for this, if you change the background color in GrafX2, the background layer will let it show, or not.

The transparent color is marked in the palette swatches when it is enabled, if I remember correctly, I thought this was enough of a hint, but maybe not.

I would also consider moving the transparent color from layers to palette options, maybe?

comment:3 by PulkoMandy, 4 years ago

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