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#127 new enhancement

lua only make backup if picture was modified

Reported by: HoraK-FDF@… Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: major Milestone: 2.8
Component: GrafX2 Version: 2.7
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as it is now lua always makes a backup of booth pages even if the picture was not modified. Maybe its better to only make a backup when a picture modifying lua function was called and only for the page it was called.

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comment:1 Changed 15 months ago by yrizoud@…

It is certainly better, at the time I was reluctant because I tried to keep often-used functions (ie putpixel) as fast as possible, and this saved a single if()

comment:2 Changed 15 months ago by HoraK-FDF@…

ok than but where was this documented I right now only found that backspace is clear but not insert safety colors in palette editor is there a page that lists all default keyboard shortcuts?

comment:3 Changed 15 months ago by yrizoud@…

(i guess this was rather a question for ticket 126)
There is no unique list, when some window has specific shortcuts, they are listed within the help for this screen, ex:
All screens have 'implicit' shortcuts:

  • enter/return -> OK/close
  • Esc : cancel/close
  • same shortcut as the one that opened window : OK if there's such button, cancel/close otherwise.
  • F1 : help for this window
  • highlighted letter on any button : this button

Some window shortcuts had hard-coded shortcuts similar to functions that work in the editor, eg in Palette you can hit [ ] to select next/previous color, or `(qwerty) for colorpicker. We un-hard-coded them to use your own shortcuts instead, but then the help text isn't up-to-date.
I just saw that we forgot to mention the copy+paste of colors, through either right-click menu or Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V shortcuts (or whatever's more natural for the OS)

comment:4 in reply to:  3 Changed 15 months ago by HoraK-FDF@…

Replying to yrizoud@…:

(i guess this was rather a question for ticket 126)

thanks and yes you are right I asked me all the time in 126 where did this question go? Did I not send it? Now I see where it went :)

So reopen ticket 8 to not forget about it?

comment:5 Changed 6 months ago by PulkoMandy

Milestone: 2.8
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