Apr 15, 2015:

9:10 PM Ticket #21 (Memory corruption) created by mazzearos
Hi, I had a crash in the AROS port of SVN 2035. I could track it down …

Apr 4, 2015:

11:08 AM Changeset in gitlab [705584a] by Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@…>
Fix some doxygen warnings. git-svn-id: …

Mar 23, 2015:

1:03 AM Ticket #15 (One-click contiguous brush grab) updated by DawnBringer
Yeah, I'm DB :) So I got around to take a look at this and fixed a …

Mar 19, 2015:

7:34 AM Ticket #17 ('Save As' sometimes destroys old file.) updated by finticemo
Okay, pretty sure I understand this now: It occurs every time that I …

Mar 18, 2015:

1:50 PM Ticket #20 (Occasionally crashes when drawing (freehand or contour-fill)) created by finticemo
I'm really not sure how to describe this. I know that the crash occurs …
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