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    1212|| [ LBM] || Yes || Most || InterLeaved BitMap. Format used by all the Amiga versions of Deluxe Paint for bitplane-based images. Grafx2 can load all of them (including [ EHB]), but saving will auto-detect the used colors to determine if it should save 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256-colors. A re-saved EHB image will become a normal 64-color image, not usable on OCS Amiga. This format can preserve color cycling data. ||
    1313|| BMP || Yes || Most || Microsoft Paint. Some variants of Bitmaps cannot be loaded, neither by the original GrafX2 nor by our version. Saving is always in 8-bit mode (256 colors) ||
    14 || PCX || Yes || Yes || Z-Soft ||
     14|| [wiki:Develop/FileFormats/PCX PCX] || Yes || Yes || Z-Soft ||
    1515|| IMG || Yes || Yes || Bivas (W. Wiedmann) ||
    1616|| [wiki:Develop/FileFormats/PKM PKM] || Yes || Yes || Grafx2's original format. This is mostly preserved for historical purposes, this format has basic RLE compression but doesn't support layers or animation. ||
    2222|| [Develop/FileFormats/Atari NEO] || Yes || Yes || Neochrome ||
    2323|| PAL || Yes || Yes || Can load raw 768-bytes RGB palettes, as well as JASC Palette. Saving is always performed as JASC Palette ||
     24|| ICO || Yes || Yes || OS/2 and Windows icon & cursor files. The biggest image is loaded, in 8bit if available. Based on BMP or PNG decoding ||
    2425|| other || No || Yes || JPEG, TGA, truecolor PNG can be loaded thanks to the SDL_image library. This is not always possible on all platforms (ie. on linux if you compile SDL_image without PNG, you lose the PNG format.) Files that can be loaded this way have no preview in the fileselector. ||
    2526If you find a file that grafx2 can't load, please send it to us so we can fix the broken code.