9 April 2011

Version 2.3 is out!


16 March 2011

The much-awaited Mac OSX version is available! (Link fixed to 23/05/2011 version with further bugfixes)

22 March 2010 - Grafx2 2.2

Version 2.2 is out!

Short outline: (see History page for more info)

  • Layers
  • Lua scripting to generate and distort your drawings
  • Some bug fixes


21 february 2010 - Scripting contest vote

The scripting contest is over, you are now asked to vote. Check out the entries!

They are bundled in the latest WIP, as source archive and Windows build.

Send your votes to the mailing list.

17 january 2010 - Scripting contest

Hello everyone, As you may or may not know, we've recently added a new feature in GrafX2.2 : it's now possible to run lua scripts to generate things on the screen. We would like to get some input on this feature, and we think a good way to do that is by providing sample scripts along with the program.

But this time it's up to you to submit scripts !

This contest follows our usual rules : -Entry must be sent to the mailing list (grafx2@…) -You have one month to send your script counting from today (that's until 17th of february) -Then there will be a voting period to select the winners.

As usual there is nothing to win beside your name in the aboutbox of grafx2 and your script being included in the program.

Please relay this information if you can, so we get a lot of entries :)

13 September 2009 - Grafx2 2.1

Version 2.1 is out!

Short outline: (see the History for complete list)

  • GUI improvements, better skinability
  • Optional grid lines in zoomed view (Alt-Shift+G)
  • Brush container
  • File formats: C64 and Atari NEO, loading of 24-bit PNG images
  • Hold Shift to force horizontal/vertical mouse movement. With line tool: also 45° and ISO angles.


20 August 2009 - Grafx2 birthday contest

Have a look at the Contests page.

16 July 2009 - Grafx2 birthday contest

Hello world! This month (the exact date was lost, sorry :)) is GrafX2 13th birthday. We want to celebrate it with a little challenge. The idea is that you draw a picture and send it to us (send them to grafx2@…). Of course the picture should be made entirely in grafx2. There is no other constraint : you can go for strict pixelart (using only the freehand tool), scene style graphics, isometric, sprites, or freestyle using all the advanced effects (transparency, smear, ...). You have 1 month to come up with something, up to the 16th of August. Then, there will be a vote to select the winner pictures. There is nothing to win, the idea is just to have fun and create some great pictures with grafx2. Of course, your pictures will be included in grafx2 gallery page on the website... that is, if we like them and if you agree :)

Please relay this info to anywhere you feel appropriate so we get many entries.

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