This is a project I made because I wanted to use an old Dell full-sized keyboard on my laptop. The key feel of this keyboard is very good and I type a lot, you know.

The hardware is identical to ak2usb. Only the firmware is different. As both devices use an usb bootloader, it is easy to switch from one to the other as needed.


Very simple hardware :

  • usb port done using v-usb and using their reference schematics
  • PS/2 port done using my own library, bit-banging
  • A jumper for firmware upgrade

Single side PCB with some SMD parts to make it smaller


I used the USBaspLoader, which takes some space (1024 bytes) on the device but is easy to work with and appropriate for this kind of devices. There is a jumper on the board you have to fit to enable upgrade mode. Else it will start in regular mode and act as a keyboard.


Not done yet !

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