FRiSS is a live RSS (and other protocols) feader for BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, shown as a replicant on the desktop. The news items are clickable, and will open the relevant news-items in your favorite browser.

Some features are: For every window there can be one or more URL's to feed from. With buttons you can close the window, go to the next feed and refresh the current feed. If the number of items doesn't fit the replicant window, they can be scrolled at an user definable speed. It is possible to have more than one window open on your desktop.

Configurable are:

  • URL's to feed from
  • Which URL's go in which Feed window
  • Background color (transparent or a solid color)
  • Browser to open links in
  • Number of feeds to shown simultaneously
  • Update rate
  • Scroll items when they don't fit/ scroll speed
  • Autostart on boot
  • etc, etc.



  • Binaries are distributed in Haiku as an optional package. Use the installoptonalpackage command to install fRiSS.
  • Source is on svn:// (or use the "browse source" button above)
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