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Welcome to the Wiki for Drafter, the new graphics server for Haiku! Join us in #drafter on!

Drafter is MIT licensed.


At present, Haiku's graphics support is severely lacking. There is no multi-head support nor is there compositing support and there certainly are no hardware accelerated graphics. Various parts of the system actually lack the capability to even support these things! That is all about to change, however.

The largest benefit of having a separate graphics server is that graphics related code is removed from the app_server, a system critical team. If the app_server crashes, the entire system crashes. Moving graphics related code out of the app_server causes the app_server to be overall more reliable as well as allowing it to monitor the graphics server. Should the graphics server crash, the app_server can dynamically restart it with no ill effects to the system. Drafter also implements multi-head support as well as compositing and a framework to implement hardware acceleration later.


Development Guidelines

The Drafter Team

Oh, and a few extra comments...

I know the code is *very* messy right now. Believe it or not, that's for a purpose so bear with me and it will be cleaned up soon! Also, documentation is forthcoming.

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