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Add PNG to MO5 converter.

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1Picture converter from PNG to MO5 picture.
3The input must be a PNG input file of 320x200 pixels, with 16 colors or less.
4The palette is assumed to be the MO5 one.
6The MO5 has block constraints on 8x1 blocks, 2 colors by block.
7If a conflict ('color clash') occurs, the software tells you at which pixel.
8The conversion goes on anyway.
10The output format is a binary file in MO5 format.
11It has 4 chunks :
13First and third one are to switch between FORME and COULEUR ram pages, they
14write one bit each to the PIA (A7C0).
16Second and fourth blocks are 8000 bytes long, second is the FORME and fourth is
19Initial Software written by :
20CloudStrife/Shinra (Quentin Carlier) <>.
21PulkoMandy/Shinra (Adrien Destugues <>
22It is diffused on the CeCILL Free Software License v2,
23See LICENSE for more information.
24See AUTHORS for the list of Contributor.
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