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Add host software for CrO2 (WIP)

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1# Name:
2# Project: PowerSwitch
3# Author: Christian Starkjohann
4# Creation Date: 2006-02-20
5# Tabsize: 4
6# Copyright: (c) 2006 by OBJECTIVE DEVELOPMENT Software GmbH
7# License: Proprietary, free under certain conditions. See Documentation.
8# This Revision: $Id$
10# You may use this file with
11# make -f
12# on Windows with MinGW instead of editing the main Makefile.
14include Makefile
16USBFLAGS = -I/usr/local/mingw/include
17USBLIBS = -L/usr/local/mingw/lib -lusb
18EXE_SUFFIX = .exe
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