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The HxC floppy emulator is a very handy device. It replaces a floppy drive and uses an SD card for data storage. On the SD card each floppy is represented as a file. It is possible toselect one using the HxC buttons and LCD display, but this gets boring pretty quickly when you have a lot of files.

Fortunately, it is also possible to drive the HxC in "direct access mode" from the host computer to access the SD card directly and load image files. This makes it much more convenient to use.

This project is about making a version of the host software for Thomson computers.


  • Uses gcc-6809 C compiler
  • Uses PetitFatFS filesystem driver
  • Relies as much as possible on Thomson's floppy controllers ROMs to gain maximal compatibility (not always possible unfortunately).

Planned features

  • MO and TO ranges compatibility (needs testing)
  • Execution as a ROM or CHG-file for easy access at boot (not absolutely needed, the HxC has an autoboot feature too)
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