The MegaROM is developped by Ghislain Fournier (hardware) and François Mouret (software). All the information can be found here : MegaROM on Collection Thomson.

Unfortunately, the project was aborted near completion and never was completed.

The version you'll find here has some improvements :

  • New PCB routing with less vias. (done)
  • New version (MegaFLASH) using rewritable flash memory instead of read-only ROM. So you can load custom programs into it. This is also very handy as a ROM development tool. (WIP)

Hardware for the MegaFLASH

The logic is rather similar to the original MegaROM, but there are some things to take care of:

  • The Flash pinout is different from the ROM one (even if the pins functions are mostly the same).
  • The flash must receive write operations as well as read, in all banks.
  • The bank-switch logic may conflict with writing the flash.
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