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Short descriptionDisplays 191 colors by name, and rgb value (either in html or Be API format)
AuthorJake Baker (jake@sharonandjake.com)
Version1.1.0 (Feb. 19, 1999)

New this Release

Still no installer though.

Note that the first time you run version 1.1.0, if you have used version 1.0.0, your settings will be undone. Hoepfully, this will cause no one any problems. I've redesigned that section of the program so it will not have the same problem for future releases.

Release History:

  • January 26th, 1999: Version 1.0.0 released
  • Installation

    Once 191colors has been unzipped, it's ready to go. Typically, you would place the executable in /boot/apps, and a link to that file in /boot/home/config/be/Applications.

    To uninstall, just remove those files; also, if you have run the program, there is a settings file called "191 Colors" (notice the space and the capital C) in your /boot/home/config/settings directory.

    Usage Guide

    When you launch the program, you will see a screen whcih consists of three parts

    Here's a description of each of the menu items:


    ABOUT displays version, copyright and contact information

    QUIT quits the program


    HTML if checked, the RGB display shows the values as HTML expects them.

    C++ if checked, displays the RGB value as a Be API rgb_color structure

    (HTML and C++ are mutually exclusive)

    SHOW 1 ONLY = By default, 191colors displays all the colors in the list; with this option checked, only the currently selected color will be displayed.


    SET BACKGROUND sets the background color of the display to the currently selected color

    SET FOREGROUND does the same for the foreground

    DEFAULTS resets the background and foreground colors to white and black, respectively

    FIND BACKGROUND selects and displays the current background color

    FIND FOREGROUND does the same for the foreground

    FIND… displays a find window; the search is case insensitive and always starts at the beginning of the list.(see Known Bugs). You can cancel the search by closing the Find window (either by clicking the close box or by pressing command-w).

    FIND AGAIN repeat the last find, starting at the current selection

    CUSTOM COLORS (*** NEW VERSION 1.1.0 ***)

    ADD… displays a dialog box where you set the name of the new color, along with its red, green and blue components. The square on the left shows what the new color will look like. Note that if you have a color selected when you ADD… an item, the dialog box's r, g, and b values are set initially to that color's values.

    EDIT… allows you to edit the rgb values of a custom color.

    REMOVE deletes the custom color.

    Known Bugs

    There's a small bug involving the FIND function: You cannot restart a search over at the beginning of the list by showing the find window again. Solution: manually move the selection to the top of the list and do a FIND AGAIN.

    Contact information

    I can be contacted (for bug reports, feature requests, etc) via e-mail at 'jake@sharonandjake.com'

    Legal Info

    Spirit: The spirit of this license is to allow everybody to use the most up to date copy of 191colors for free. That's why the restriction on redistribution exists, even though the program is freeware.


    191colors program and documentation, Copyright 1999, Jake Baker, all rights reserved.

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