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AuthorGertjan van Ratingen


Most of you will probably recognize it, as it's based on the old arcade classic PONG.

This program was originally intended to be a joystick sample app. but somewhere on the way it has morphed itself into a pong clone.

Bong can use two joysticks in both BeBox ports, or a splitter with two joysticks in either port. (I've made my own controls using slider-pots, see Remarks below)

The program reads the values of the joysticks, and stores the minimum and maximum values to determine the active range of the stick.

For the joystickless BeOSers, there's keyboard support.


Bong can be started like any other application by double-clicking it's icon.

The main menu can be reached by clicking your mouse inside the court. This menu lets you change Bong's settings. Just play around with it, and find out what each item does :)

If you play using the keyboard, here's the controls:

Select "New Game" from the menu to start a new game. Play ends if one of the players has scored 15 points.


  For a "split joystick in port 1":

	                  9     For a description of the ports, see
	               2        the Be User's Guide for DR8, page 194
	               3           33 k
	   33 k          11      +-/\/\-+
	 +-/\/\-+      4     GND |      |
	 |      | GND    12 -----+     +-+
	+-+     +----- 5               | | 100 k
	| |100k          13 ---------->| |
	| |<---------- 6     Y1        | |
	| |        Y0    14            +-+
	+-+            7                |
	 |               15 -----/\/\/--+
	 +--/\/\------ 8    +5v   33 k
	    33 k   +5v

For "Joystick in ports 1 and 2" only connect the left pot
(pins 5, 6 and 8) and make another cable the same way.

Note: in this drawing, moving the slider "down" sends a higher voltage to pin 6, and makes the bat move "up". Remember that when using this setup ;-)

You're welcome to send any comments to me by e-mail: gertjan@iae.nl (home) or gj@codim.nl (work)


Officially: Use it at your own risk. I know I do!

Practically: Enjoy the game, it won't ruin your BeBox. It only takes a small bit of your precious time ;-)

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