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Short descriptionStop all the bombs and don't fall in the holes.
AuthorMartin Donlon

Abombniball is based on a game of the same name which featured on the coverdisk of ST Format several years ago. I don't know whether Abombniball was released in any other forum, and a Google search produces only vague references. Anyway, I felt Abombniball was too good a game to simply vanish and with exams looming I needed a distraction from study so I did a remake. After three days I had a fully playable and after another days work version 0.1 was released.

With exams only 4 days away I thought I should write a README too:)

The objective of Abombniball is to defuse all the explosives on each level. As a ball, this would normally be a simple task, however each level is filled with traps and devious puzzles placed there by...oh...lets say "Dr. Y-Front", your arch-nemesis (he's very evil). These traps take the form of special tiles which disappear or do other nasty things.

Gray Tile - A solid tile. He never falls away and abandons you like all those other tiles. He's always be there for you.

Blue Tile, Green Tile, Red Tile - These all vanish after you leave them. Leaving a gapping hole in the grid and an empty space in your heart.

2 Tile - More caring and forgiving than those selfish color tiles. You can bounce on these submissive fellas twice before they vanish.

Blue Arrow - Rude fellows. Shove you in whatever direction the arrow is pointing.

Red Arrow - Even ruder still. They make you jump in whatever direction the arrow is pointing.

You defuse bombs by landing on the bombs square, however you can only defuse the bomb thats currently counting down. Trying to defuse any other bomb will cause it to explode.

Each level provides you with a certain amount of jumps, they are limit so use them with care.

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