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Short descriptionBoard game
AuthorAndreas Warnke
DateFeb 1998


I wanted to write a strategy game because on one hand I like playing strategy games and on the other I'm interested in writing artifical intelligent agents. It's much easier to write an agent for a strategy game than for an action game and it's no challenge to write an agent for Tetris or Minesweeper.

On startup, every player gets a few armies. The players can move these armies on the map and discover the map. An army can attack armies and cities of other players.

Enemy Territory is a client/server application.
The server holds the data of the map, the armies and the cities. It moves armies, determines the winner of a fight and creates new armies. But the server has no interface to the user. Only other applications can tell the server what to do.
These other applications are the clients. A client can provide a user interface for a human player or it can be an artifical intelligent agent.

Launching the program

Doubleclick the application Server to launch the server. If you have got a registration number, enter it and press Return. Then choose the map size: the number tells you the length of an edge of the hexagonal map. On slow machines, you should not choose a mapsize larger than 20. Make sure, the checkbox Login disabled is not marked, because in the other case, no client would be able to login.

If you want to play versus an artifical intelligent agent, e.g. the Basic Agent, start it now and log it in. To login the Basic Agent, simply press the Login button. From my point of view, the Basic Agent is not very intelligent. To make the game more interesting, login some more agents and let them run a few minutes before you login yourself.

Now, start the application Client to login yourself. Enter your name, enter a password and click the Login button. You'll get a window that displays your armies.
If you want to get a second window, open the pop-up-menu by pressing the secondary mouse button ( the secondary mouse button is simulated by pressing ctrl + command + primary mouse button ) and choose Login. The login window will be opened. Enter your name and your password and press the Login button.
If you want to see, what the agent does, open the login window, enter the agent's name and the agent's password ( the password of the Basic Agent is the empty string ). Then press the Login button.

Actions and Rules

You can move armies:
To move an army, press the primary mouse button, drag the army to the target location and release the mouse button. The speed of the army depends on the type of field which it is crossing: Armies can't move on lakes, they are slow on mountains and fast in the plain.

You can attack:
If an army moves on a field where armies or cities of an other player are standing, your army will attack. The probability that your army wins versus a city is 100%, and that your army wins versus an other army is 50%. If you attack a city, the production of the next army is reset to zero. It makes no difference if you fight versus several enemies that are standing on the same field or if you fight versus these enemies one by one.

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