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Short descriptionwell, it's Tetris.
AuthorBrian Tietz


Obviously, the idea for Tetris isn't mine, so I hold no copyright on the idea. I do, however, reserve all rights with regard to the source code for this BeOS version of Tetris. The executable is freely distributable. The source code is likewise freely distributable, provided that the license and copyright are retained in the source code files and in the about box of the executable.


To start a new game, use the Begin new game menu item. Once the game is started, you can pause it from the menu, or the menu shortcut key command-N, alt-N, or control-N, depending on your menu shortcut preference and whether you're using BeOS on Intel or PowerPC.


				Up arrow - rotate
Left arrow - left		Down arrow - fast down	Right arrow - right
				Space bar - down all the way

If numlock is on, you can also use the numeric keypad:

4 - left		8 or 5 - rotate*		6 - right
			2 - fast down
			Space bar - drop all the way

* if numlock isn't on, 5 won't be usable.


If you want to modify the source code, to build, use the included project files. You'll need version 2.9 or greater of my Santa's Gift Bag distribution to build it. You will also need Jon Watte's libprefs 1.2.5 or greater, which I prefer to use in its bigprefs form (in the project files as BigPrefs-R4-ppc.a and BigPrefs-R4-x86.a).

Known bugs

The window isn't forwarding messages to BWindow::MessageReceived. This prevents some things from working, for example it isn't possible to take a screenshot of the window.

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