Jump'n'bump level manager

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This is a level selector for the famous game Jump'n'Bump.

The selector was coded by Seb (from evomuse) as a C++ learning exercise.

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Download (89ko)

The program development was stopped in 2005, but, thanks to my article "release your old code", it's now available under the GPL licence.

This program is windows-only, and only understand french. We hope you will still find it useful and/or helpful in some way. The sourcecode comments are in english.

Launchpad project

As a bonus, and since it doesn't seem to be available anywhere else on the internet, here is a level pack. These levels are from some old Jump'n'Bump official, or maybe not, website. They were made by various users of the game. You should really try them, some are really fun and make the game worth more time than the single original level.

Also, here's the page for the game itself : Icculus Jump'n'Bump

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