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I have a shelf of old CDs, both audio and games. Some are very common stuff and not so interesting. Others are quite a bit more obscure, for a variety of reasons:

  • Audio CDs I bought at shows or from websites, that are not currently re-edited
  • Various shareware compilations and tie-in discs
  • Even for big well-known games, sometimes the French edition is not well archived even if the English one is

Anyway, it was one small worry in my life that if these discs would be damaged, lost, or stolen, I don't really have a backup plan. Actually, while archiving, I found some cases where the disc is missing (nothing impossible to replace, fortunately).

The other part of this problem is I had no remote backup. I used to do a "backup exchange" system with a few friends, where we would send our homeservers backups to each other. But people move on, servers go offline, and this is not available anymore. Related to that (and less so to the CDs archiving), I'd like to do more with my homeserver, but as long as there is no backup plan, and the server is a machine in my living room, the risk of data loss is just too high. So, I finally registered an account on iDrive so I can upload the stuff there. The server is now backed up, and I'm dumping the software and music there as well.

Due to copyright laws, this is a private archive for my own use. However, I will publicly list what I have. If it turns out some of this is not readily available, contact me and we'll figure out something.

I tried to do things "right", dumping ISO images where appropriate, all sound tracks as flac (both for the games and music CDs), as well as the extra content for Audio CDs. I also scanned the booklets and the disks themselves.


  • 8 jeux de casse-tête (Pointsoft collection of Tetris-like and other braintwister games)
  • 3D Ultra Pinball - Le continent perdu
  • Boston Bomb Club (edited by Pointsoft)
  • Car Tycoon (French version, I remember this being unplayable due to too many bugs)
  • Dungeon Keeper Gold (multilingual)
  • Get Medieval (Microïds CD with Shogun, Rage of Mages, and Corsairs
  • Gruntz
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III ( edition)
  • Hi-Octane
  • Lemmings Revolution (a different print than the one available at WebArchive)
  • Les fourmis - Les Guerres de l'Ouest
  • Oddworld l'Exode d'Abe
  • Pandemonium
  • Pandemonium 2
  • PC Mag hors série 21 (Shareware compilation)
  • Pointsoft Jeux pour Windows (several games edited by Pointsoft: Jungle colors, Snowmanland, Lost In Time, Wizards). The games are clones of well known things (Puzzle Bobble, Dr Mario, ...), but they have decent pixel graphics and great music by then demoscene musician Traven
  • Powerslide
  • Q*Bert (version from 1999. My CD looks different from the ones already dumped at the web archive, I guess the French version got a different artwork?)
  • Rising Lands (Microïds)
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon
  • RollerCoaster Tyconn: Loopings en Folie scenario disc
  • Sim Tower (Maxis)
  • Sim City 2000 édition spéciale Media Pocket (a low-cost re-release, including the DOS, WIN16 and WIN32 versions with SCURK and other extras. The CD includes PDF user manuals in french)
  • Street Wars (Constructor 2) (Acclaim)
  • The Dig
  • Theme Hospital
  • Traffic Giant ( edition)
  • Les Super Maths (PC Junior CD #16) - A MAcromedia made game where You play X-Men characters in 4 minigames involving mathematical operations, graphs, triangles, and so on.
  • Tomb Raider II
  • Warcraft II edition (in English)
  • Warcraft II Beyond The Dark Portal
  • Worms 2


  • Alternine: both the original EP and the 2.0 from the rebooted band
  • André Minvielle et Lionel Suarez - Tandem
  • Antoine Reneaut - En Plénitude
  • Chorale Iroise - Couleurs Celtiques
  • Daft Punk - Ton Legacy soundtrack
  • Datarock - Datarock Datarock (EU version with extra tracks), also including the videoclips from the CD
  • Datarock - RED
  • Dr Wong - Heavy Metal Banania Unplugged, Tipiak, and covers of Zelda and Tetris
  • Eiffel 65 and Bloom 06 - All albums, nothing very exciting here I think
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (CD1 only)
  • Fabulous Trobadors - Ma ville est le plus beau park
  • Flash (some Atari XL music)
  • Flavien Berger - Léviathan and Contre-Temps
  • François Hadji-Lazaro - Un recueil frais et disco (including DVD with videoclips)
  • Les Frères Brothers - First 2 albums
  • Guilhem Desq - Visions
  • Harajuku - Just One Look (incomplete)
  • La Tordue - All 6 albums
  • La Patate - L'alboom (if you know French you may remember their flash animation "La chanson de la patate" but you probably didn't there is a full album)
  • Les Escrocs - All 3 albums
  • Les Wriggles - Justice avec des saucisses
  • Malaussene - 2 albums and bonus tracks. They had these for free on their website
  • Mélusine - Chansons à écouter au coin du feu (a tie-in music CD sold with a comic book. Not bad music at all from people whose main job is comic book scenario and drawing!)
  • Mickey 3D - All 3 albums from a boxed set
  • Paula Powered - Level Up
  • Poison - The last legend
  • Pomplamoose - Invisible People
  • Hurricane on the Bayou (soundtrack from the movie/documentary of the same name
  • Tribute to Arno (Putain, putain, une tribu pour Arno)

Playstation games

  • SLES-00278-2107629 - Bust A Move - Arcade 2 Edition
  • SLES-00838 - Oddworld - L'odyssée d'Abe
  • SLES-01502 - Oddworld - L'exode d'Abe
  • SLES-01893 - Bomberman

Software and drivers

  • Akai LPD8 CD (Mac and Windows software and user manual)
  • Altera Complete Design Suite 7.2 for Windows and UNIX/Linux, with Cyclone II starter kit CD
  • ASUS Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade
  • HP PSC1310 / OfficeJet4200 / OfficeJet 5500 printer drivers (Windows 98-XP, possibly also Mac)
  • Klik and Play (French, Mac)
  • La Bible PC - Programmation système - 5ème édition (sold with the book of the same name, including all examples from the book, and also a Micro Application software and book catalog with weird background music, and a low resolution version of the "Don't copy that floppy" rap clip that takes more space than everything else on the CD)
  • Micrografx picture publisher 6.0 (also including ABC Media Manager, older 16bit versions of Picture Publisher, and demos of other Micrografx software)
  • NetBurner support CD (this is a Motorola Coldfire development board with an Ethernet port)
  • OfficeOne 7 - An office suite built from existing components (OpenOffice,, Avast, ...) also including some games. Sold with an Asus computer back in 2008 or so
  • USB to IDE driver CD (I don't remember what piece of hardware it goes with, includes drivers for various chips)
  • USB 2.0 Digital HDTV Tuner
  • Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Service Pack 1, French (ok you probably don't need this one...)

Wanted / Missing

Some things I couldn't archive in time... Some of this is probably easy to find, and just notes to myself to get it. Other things are more complicated.

  • The Daft punk soundtrack is supposed to have some bonus on the disk. Unfortunateely, what's actually on the disk is an EXE file that will just send you to a now offline website. The web archive only has a backup of the landing page, because the actual content was behind a login wall. There were apparently 3 trailers for the movie, the videoclip for Derezzed, and a picture gallery. Did anyone doznload the pictures from the gallery or other stuff from that website?
  • Complete "Just One Look" album by Harajuku
  • My copy of Tomb Raider ("version longue"/extended edition) has only CD2. CD1 has been accidentally replaced by a CD of Tomb Raider II. Anyone has the matching Tomb Raider II case with CD1 of Tomb Raider 1 in it?
  • Bénabar - Infréquentable, I have the case but the CD is not in it
  • Petite Oreille by Boucherie Prod - A compilation CD released in 1996 with children songs by artists who don't usually do children songs. My CD is lost and this is long out of print, I'll have to locate a copy at acceptable price.

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