Various electronics stuff.

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  1. 02817db grip2hid: tweak HID report to match PS3 controller layout by PulkoMandy · 6 months ago main
  2. 3fde1f7 pcw2hid: Fixup programming instructions by PulkoMandy · 11 months ago
  3. 029735c Update Ramcard schematics to Kicad 7 and fix an error on ROM enable by PulkoMandy · 8 months ago
  4. dddfe74 Add lichee zero baseboard by PulkoMandy · 12 months ago
  5. 5ba114e pcw2hid: fix inverted DIN connector on PCB by PulkoMandy · 1 year, 1 month ago

Various AVR (and other) stuff

This slightly messy repo is home to many of my electronics hacks and projects.

A wiki describing most of the stuff is at .