RSS/ATOM feed reader for Haiku

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FRiSS is a live RSS (and other protocols) feader for BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, shown as a replicant on the desktop. The news items are clickable, and will open the relevant news-items in your favorite browser.

Some features are:

  • For every window there can be one or more URL's to feed from.
  • With buttons you can close the window, go to the next feed and refresh the current feed.
  • If the number of items doesn't fit the replicant window, they can be scrolled at an user definable speed.
  • It is possible to have more than one window open on your desktop.

Configurable are:

  • URL's to feed from
  • Which URL's go in which Feed window
  • Background color (transparent or a solid color)
  • Browser to open links in
  • Number of feeds to shown simultaneously
  • Update rate
  • Scroll items when they don't fit/ scroll speed
  • Autostart on boot
  • etc, etc.



fRiSS binaries are available in HaikuDepot.