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* Copyright 2009-2015, Adrien Destugues,
* Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
#include <HashMapCatalog.h>
#include <DataIO.h>
#include <String.h>
class BFile;
namespace BPrivate {
class AmigaCatalog : public HashMapCatalog {
AmigaCatalog(const entry_ref &owner, const char *language,
uint32 fingerprint);
// constructor for normal use
AmigaCatalog(const char *path, const char *signature,
const char *language);
// constructor for editor-app
// implementation for editor-interface:
status_t ReadFromFile(const char *path = NULL);
status_t WriteToFile(const char *path = NULL);
static BCatalogData *Instantiate(const entry_ref &signature,
const char *language, uint32 fingerprint);
static const char *kCatMimeType;
void UpdateAttributes(BFile& catalogFile);
void UpdateAttributes(const char* path);
mutable BString fPath;
} // namespace BPrivate
#endif /* _AMIGA_CATALOG_H_ */