PulkoMandy's project hosting

Hi! I host various open source projects here. They all have a bugtracker and wiki hosted by Trac, and sourcecode on Git (some old ones may still use SVN, let me know and I will migrate them). I hope you find them useful.

This is mainly for my personal projects and notes, but some of them grew larger and have other contributors. The bugtracker sometimes requires a Google account, sometimes is open, sometimes requires me to manually create accounts. Theer is no logic to this, so if you're unhappy with how it's set up for a particular project, let me know and I'll see if I can adjust it.

Change requests and patches can be sent using Gerrit. If you don't want to use Gerrit (that's understandable, it is unfortunately not a popular option for a Git forge), just send your patches by email or attach them to a ticket in the bugtracker, I will figure out a way to merge them.

Available Projects

project logo avrstuff Various electronics stuff
project logo fRiSS RSS reader for Haiku
project logo GrafX2 The ultimate 256-color painting program
project logo muz80 Various bits of code related to the s1mp3 project, rewriting a firmware for Actions z80 based MP3 players.
project logo Readingame Interpreter for Lectures Enjeu hypertext fictions
project logo Renga An XMPP client for Haiku
project logo SCUUWPGGNJUD « Script Creation Utility for Un Whisky Pour Gouille et Goulin ? Non, Juste Un Doigt »
project logo Thomson stuff Various projects related to Thomson microcomputers