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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#18 Export colorcycled picture as animated gif Thomas Bernard enhancement major 2.4
#44 copy all layers/frames to spare page option Thomas Bernard enhancement major 2.5
#150 Support for a sprite layer Thomas Bernard enhancement major 2.6
#164 Palette bug when RGB Scaled at "25" Thomas Bernard defect major 2.8
#124 input boxes doesn't get cleared Thomas Bernard defect minor 2.7
#85 Integration of G9B graphics format (MSX V9990) jenshermann72@… enhancement trivial 2.6
#137 Suggestion: Line Patterns in the Gradient Menu Thomas Bernard enhancement trivial 2.6

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1 Allow zooming and panning during painting PulkoMandy enhancement major
#3 Keyboard shortcut/toggle to play animation PulkoMandy enhancement major
#5 Can't Zoom on top-left pixel with mousewheel PulkoMandy defect major
#6 Show zoom viewport on unzoomed picture PulkoMandy enhancement major
#7 Antialiased drawing PulkoMandy enhancement major
#13 Add more flexible gradients PulkoMandy enhancement major 2.4
#15 One-click contiguous brush grab PulkoMandy enhancement major 2.4
#23 Inline Fill Tool PulkoMandy enhancement major 2.4
#4 Steal ideas from Fab. PulkoMandy enhancement minor
#9 Put button configuration in setting file PulkoMandy enhancement minor 2.4
#27 grafx2.2.5 wip2070 for win loose compatibility with HX extender (don't run under DOS) PulkoMandy defect minor 2.4
#40 Grid panning PulkoMandy enhancement minor 2.4
#51 Additional "spread" interpolations PulkoMandy enhancement minor 2.4
#72 Add support for one palette per frame in animations PulkoMandy enhancement minor 2.5
#120 Brush Factory uses short names and has relative path problems Thomas Bernard defect minor 2.7
#33 360-color hue slider PulkoMandy enhancement trivial 2.4

Status: new (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#98 Save to Amiga RAW format pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7
#110 Indicate in toolbar whether transparent background is enabled pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7
#126 Safety colors = yes is ignored by palette editor pulkomandy defect major 2.7
#127 lua only make backup if picture was modified pulkomandy enhancement major 2.7
#136 Jerky mouse movement when using SDL2 backend on Linux pulkomandy defect major 2.6
#160 The image's transparent colour is included in the palette reduction pulkomandy defect major 2.8
#162 Licensing problem pulkomandy defect major 2.7
#163 Backward compatibility problem pulkomandy defect major 2.6
#86 Airbrush in multicolor is not random enough pulkomandy defect minor 2.6
#112 C64 multicolor : allow background color to be != 0 pulkomandy defect minor 2.6
#113 Window backup wastes memory pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.6
#114 simplify hotkey.c pulkomandy task minor 2.6
#128 Undo in palette editor only restores last change pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.7
#130 Input box for free brush rotation and free picture rotation pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.7
#138 strange artifacts when using filename scroll buttons in load/save dialog pulkomandy defect minor 2.7
#139 Star sign as notification of a modified graphic pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.7
#144 move all frames/layers at once pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.7
#145 Palette Repository Downloads Not Working pulkomandy defect minor
#152 Strange behavior when actual size is different from requested size pulkomandy defect minor 2.6
#153 Strange behavior when clearing text boxes by right clicking pulkomandy defect minor 2.6
#155 Basic digitizer support (stylus 'eraser' support) pulkomandy enhancement minor 2.6
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