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#126 new defect

Safety colors = yes is ignored by palette editor

Reported by: HoraK-FDF@… Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: major Milestone: 2.10
Component: GrafX2 Version: 2.7
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to reproduce start gfx2 simply open palette editor press zap unused then manually slide down the last three colors and all is black or if you stopped earlier only certain details are remaining visible, by pressing ok this state is also carried over and gfx2 stays that way.

tested with grafx2-2.7wip2732-issue_123

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comment:1 by yrizoud@…, 5 years ago

If the option was applied after every palette change, it would actually cancel your action on colors used by the menus (if your image doesn't use them yet), making them read-only. It would not be a good thing.

Note that the option is only meant as a safety, for example after a zap on an empty image that would produce a full-black palette. In any other case, Grafx2 will pick from whatever colors are available in the image's palette. You can always re-create the default menu colors at any time by pressing Backspace in the Palette screen (it will pick 4 unused slots, starting at the end).

comment:2 by HoraK-FDF@…, 5 years ago

but should it not then at least reinsert the safety colors after pressing ok?

comment:3 by PulkoMandy, 5 years ago

No, because you can really use all 256 colors for your picture. So it should only apply them when you do something that could clear all colors to black (zapping all colors, for example). Otherwise, the menu will just pick 4 reasonable colors from the image palette.

comment:4 by HoraK-FDF@…, 5 years ago

but there are no 4 reasonable colors to pick anymore if you zapped and slided the last four down.

comment:5 by Thomas Bernard, 5 years ago

in that case you press Backspace....

comment:6 by HoraK-FDF@…, 5 years ago

ok than but isn't the backspace feature a bit strange I mean if I press backspace on a full palette with lots of colors that are useable for safety colors It overwrites the last four ones should it not look first in the palette if available colors are there near the menu colors instead of searching unused colors and replace them?

comment:7 by Thomas Bernard, 5 years ago

so don't press backspace in that case...

comment:8 by Thomas Bernard, 5 years ago

by the way I think we should make sure the documentation is explicit about the key shortcut in the palette editor and what are the consequences in terms of menu colors.

what do you think of :

ESCAPE : cancel any palette modification and close palette dialog
ENTER : accept any palette modification and close palette dialog. Menu colors are updated to best match
BACKSPACE : emergency key : assign 4 unused palette slots to menu colors.

(inline doc is also available online : )

comment:10 by Thomas Bernard, 5 years ago

Milestone: 2.7

@yrizoud@… @HoraK-FDF@… are you happy with the help improvement in ?

comment:11 by yrizoud@…, 5 years ago

Fine by me. I tested with long shortcut names, it still fits.

comment:12 by PulkoMandy, 4 years ago

Milestone: 2.72.8

comment:13 by PulkoMandy, 3 years ago

Milestone: 2.82.9

comment:14 by PulkoMandy, 7 weeks ago

Milestone: 2.93.0

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comment:15 by PulkoMandy, 7 weeks ago

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