Changelog for next version (released ones are on the official website now)

Updated to , 11/11/2018

New features

  • -size option to set the picture size directly from the command line
  • GUI buttons now underline their shortcut to ease use of grafx2 with a keyboard
  • Add various in-window navigation shortcuts to reach most buttons without the need for a mouse
  • "Amstrad CPC rasters" drawing mode, similar to mode 5 but with more flexible constraints
  • New backends supported: X11, SDL2, Win32 GDI. It is now possible to add more backends to build GrafX2 where SDL is not available.


  • Support for pasting on MacOS (so you can write text elsewhere and then copy it in GrafX2)
  • Better handling of aspect ratio in GIF and PNG files (use the closest match possible)
  • PNG files now have an "unknown" physical resolution (will print at an unknown size then)
  • Use the teXt chunk from PNG for the coment field, if there is no Title chunk.
  • Support unicode characters in filenames
  • Use correct icon for network drives in the drive list
  • Improved loading and saving support for C64 fileformats


  • CI system rework, automatically generated installers.
  • Use the correct cursor for operations again
  • Missing screen updates when using ZX constraint drawing mode
  • Fix crash when restoring backups
  • Do not allow panning (by holding space) during operations, it could do bad things
  • PI1 files with colorcylcing were corrupt on saving
  • Fix crash when saving to .SCR format in some cases
  • It is possible to build for Atari systems again
  • It is now possible to build GrafX2 with Microsoft Visual C++
  • It is now possible to build for NetBSD and OpenBSD
  • Filename is not lost when changing extension in the save dialog
  • When alt-tabbing out of GrafX2, it would think that the ALT key is stuck pressed
  • When cancelling a lasso brush grab, the previous brushwas sometimes not properly restored
  • Do not crash if a lua script tries to open a window larger than 320x200. Now the window is hard-limited to 320x200
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