PulkoMandy's AVR stuff

This repository gathers my electronics projects, so everyone can use and improve them. There is a lot of AVR based things, but also some PIC and aothers.

List of projects

Well, as usual this got messier than planned. Anyway, here's an attempt to list the stuff. It's incomplete and often out of date.

There are two parts : libraries and project themselves. The idea is to separate the tools to quickly assemble them in a project. Each project provides a makefile, the libs are just sourcefiles.

Everything is licenced under the MIT licence, unless stated otherwise in the sourcecode.


(documentation will be done. maybe. someday.)

  • usart : access to the AVR serial port. Because printf is quite bulky and most of the time useless. (WIP)
  • ps2_keyboard : bit-bang reading from a ps/2 keyboard. Useful if you need a lot of keys.
  • amiga_keyboard : bit-bang reading from an amiga keyboard.


Keyboard and mouse related :

  • ps2toserial : read keycodes from a ps/2 keyboard and echo them to the serial port. (atmega8)
  • aktoserial : read keycodes from an amiga keyboard and echo them to the serial port. (atmega8)
  • ps2tousb : read keycodes from a ps/2 keyboard and act as an usb hid keyboard. (atmega8)
  • ak2tousb : read keycodes from an amiga keyboard and act as an usb hid keyboard. (atmega8)
  • AmiPS/2 : PS/2 mouse adapter for Atari ST and Amiga. Uses a PIC16f628


  • vusbdev : V-USB generic development board. Various applications, click the link !

Amstrad :

  • CPC-CompactFlash : Finally a cheap and fast mass storage solution for CPC!
  • FlashGordon : a new ROM expansion for CPC, using a flash memory chip.
  • microserial : a serial interface (and more) for the CPC/Plus
  • Ramcard : reverse engineering of the Ramcard ROM interface for CPC.

Misc :

  • blinkled : blink a led
  • beep : make music with an atmega8 and a loudspeaker
  • EPROxygen : UNIX software for SEEIT EPR-02 programmer (WIP)
  • ICSPBlaster : Driver for Altera USB Blaster (and clones) to program PICs with the ICSP protocol (WIP)
  • SCSI2SD : SCSI based SD card reader to increase the storage space on my Amiga. (WIP)

Getting the source

It's on github: ‚Äč

As the "libs" folder is shared between all the projects, you are more or less forced to get it all. Sorry! You can use the "browse source" tab above to check them on your browser, if you just want to have a look.

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