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Prepare for v1.26 release

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1- Rework bookmark2 code to remove its separate PubSub manager
3Delay between logon and getting MUC history? Is it my fault?
4No "writing" notifications
5Show avatars for MUC rooms in roster, how does that work?
6 Probably we don't want them in the roster, wastes too much space
7 or maybe very small 16x16px versions?
8Selection message in roster triggers a bit too easily (on right click for popup menu for example)
9Make roster headers not selectable
10Show nicknames in Roster (see "modern xmpp" recommendations on how to get them)
11Manage own nickname in MUC properly
13Rename "channel name" and default to nickname
15User registration / Captcha forms / Media
18- In case no form is received, handle legacy fields? Is there a server still needing that?
19- Display the OOB data when there is some (below the form? or above? display it and decide depending on what's in it)
20- Test with more servers? Is there an XMPP2020 compliant servers list?
25Replace JRoster with gloox::RosterManager
26Replace UserID with gloox JID and RosterItem
27Move things out of Jabberspeak and TalkManager
28Move useful things outside of jabber/ directory
29Remove TalkManager, have each chat view register as a handler for its sessions/mucroom directly instead.
30Have separate constructors for group and normal TalkViews (maybe separate classes, even? some methods are exclusive).
32Inconsistent sizing of input field (because of send button size constraint?)
34New features
37vcard / avatars
38 in talk window, see what would make a nice UI for that (focus on groupchats?)
39 Maybe not so great idea after all, it wastes some space
40 See how Discord does it (only on first message or something) but doesn't go too well on wide screens...
41 If we use avatars to identify users in groupchats, we probably need an identicon or something like it for users without an avatar, too
42 Something that looks like human portraits would be nice? Not a fan of traditional identicons
43 See David Revoy's set of bird and cat avatars, maybe we can use that?
44 But in MUC we don't get to know the bare JID of other people taking part, so we would do it on the nickname.
45 It would be nice if the avatar base color was based on the "predictable user color" also used for the nickname
46 Support for setting own vcard and/or avatar and showing it somewhere
47 Export/import people files from vcard data
49BNotification on all messages from single user
54Group MUCs by server in Roster instead of a single "Group Chats" list
55 XMPP is thinking about discord-like grouping of MUCs, maybe wait for that instead
56 Also group by IRC servers for biboumi MUCs
58- Discovering the conference server associated with the user's server
59- Listing existing rooms (in the associated conference server and in others)
60 May need result set management?
61- Creating a room
62- Showing availability (away)
63- Changing nickname
64- Private messages (send and receive)
65- Invitations
66- Message to all
67- Set subject
68- Kick
69- Voice/unvoice
70- Getting extended room info (logs url, number if users) without joining
71- Logging people entering/leaving the room (optionally?) + collapsing successive join/leave messages?
72- Viewing full JID in non-anonymous rooms (and allowing to add them to the roster)
73- Warn user when entering a non-anonymous room
75- Error handling (entering member only room, ...)
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