PulkoMandy's BeOS software archive

This is an archive of BeOS software. Unlike BeBits, the files are archived locally so if their origin gets lost, they'll still here safely.

Most of the files in this archive are from the emupt website, gathered by Xeon3D. Thanks to him for the great work.

You can access the archive directly if you don't like this web interface here.

A lot of files are still not part of the archive, have a look here for some of them.

The main goal of this website is to try to get some of this software open sourced so it can be improved for future use. Tracking of the original authors is sometimes difficult, but usually gives good results. They may also be happy to know the BeOS world is still alive. This goal is the reason for the separation in three folders of the software list : files without source (you need to bug the author until he releases them), with source (open a github/sourceforge/... project and start hacking), and files already adopted (I hope to see this one grow bigger).

Special thanks to :

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