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Other platforms

Some systems provide prevbuilt packages in their package managers and/or app stores.

Arch Linux (AUR) (ext)
Debian Debian packages (ext) Experimental versions
Exherbo Linux Summer (ext)
FreeBSD FreshPorts (ext)
Gentoo (ebuild) (ext)
GUIX guix package -i grafx2
SGI IRIX Nekochan repository (ext)
Ubuntu Ubuntu packages (ext)
Caanoo gaming console Openhandhelds (ext)
Pandora gaming console Openhandhelds (ext) version 2.2 Openhandhelds (ext) v2.3.1734 (wip)
Raspberry Pi
Syllable SyllableSoftware (ext)

Complete download list

ID File Description Size Uploaded Downloads Uploader Component Version Architecture Platform Type
GrafX2 2.5 source release
May 2018, automatically built by Gitlab CI
04/2018, by miniupnp
AmigaOS 3 (RTG) version
Sept 2015, by Nokturnal, supports SuperVidel? video modes, updated libraries
Nov 2012, by hitchhikr
Nov 2009, by Rusback and/or Offset
Feb 2012, by Artur Jarosik
Oct 2012
Oct 2012, by yrizoud
Oct 2012, by yrizoud
Oct 2012, by Pulkomandy
Nov 2012, by Nokturnal
Apr 2010, by Pulkomandy
May 2011, by Pulkomandy
Apr 2011, by yrizoud
Apr 2011
Jun 2011, by Yannick
Mar 2010
Jul 2009, by Peter Gordon
Apr 2011, by yrizoud
Apr 2010, by Jeffrey Read
Mar 2010, by yrizoud
Mar 2010, by yrizoud
Mar 2010, by Pulkomandy
Jan 2009
Jan 2009, by Begasus
Jan 2009, by Pulkomandy
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