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Scripting Contest

_17 January 2010_ - The purpose of this contest was to stress-test GrafX2 new scripting capabilities. DawnBringer and Nitrofurano submitted many Lua scripts, their original submissions can be browsed in the svn history, here.

GrafX2 13th birthday contest

_16 July 2009_ - This month (the exact date was lost, sorry :)) is GrafX2? 13th birthday. We want to celebrate it with a little challenge. The idea is that you draw a picture and send it to us (send them to grafx2@…). Of course the picture should be made entirely in grafx2. There is no other constraint : you can go for strict pixelart (using only the freehand tool), scene style graphics, isometric, sprites, or freestyle using all the advanced effects (transparency, smear, ...).



Denis Salem

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