This adapter allows to use the PCW keyboard as an USB HID one.

It is based on the LUFA USB stack and AT90USB controllers.

Getting an adapter

The adapter is available for a price of 15€. Please contact me to check if I have one in stock before sending me money.

Technical details

The code is quite simple, the PCW keyboard is scanned, row by row, whenever an HID report is requested. The scanning must be done with interrupts disabled for each keyboard line, since the timing is a bit tight.

The keyboard mapping (in addition to the obvious things) is as follows

PCW key USB key
PASTE Insert
COPY Page down
CUT Page up
[+] Keypad +
[-] Keypad -
1/2 @ \ |
# > # ~
STOP Escape

The other keys are mapped according to their location and/or label.

Notes on this layout:

  • There is no control key
  • There are no cursor keys, and there is also no num. lock key. If num lock is off, you may be able to use the keypad as arrow keys, except on PCs the arrows aren't at the same place at all.
  • The even function keys are not reachable. They could be, if handling shifted keys in a specific way.

Bootloader / firmware updates

If you connect the adapter to an USB port without connecting a PCW keyboard, it will enter firmware update mode. The updates can be done with avrdude for example. Instructions will be added here if there is a firmware update (for now there is only one firmware version, so it is not needed).

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