V-USB Dev is a development and hacking board for the V-USB USB stack. It started out as a mamecab controller interface, but proved to be quite useful for other stuff too.

PCB preview Schematics

Kicad Project


  • ATMega8 MCU
  • 2 6-bit ports as generic I/O
  • USB port for V-USB connectivity
  • USB bootloader for easy programming (usbasp compatible)
  • 4 dip-switches
  • A 3-color LED
  • Single-side routing
  • Compact layout (some SMD components used)


There are various applications available.

  • starkadroid - the original firmware, acts as an USB HID joystick and controls up to 36 buttons
  • christmas - a controller for blinking garland for christmas (and anything else that needs to blink)
  • CrO2 - a tape drive storage emulator for Thomson MO5 home computer.

Feel free to create and share your own !

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