BASIC versions

  • BASIC 1.0: The original one, as run by the TO7, TO7/70 and MO5. Does not handle memory banks. Available on newer machines for compatibility purposes.
  • BASIC 128: For TO7 and TO7/70 with memory expansion, or for MO6. The TO cartridge can also be run on TO9 and TO8(D).
  • BASIC 512: For TO9 and TO8(D). Can handle all the available RAM, but who writes so huge BASIC programs anyway?
  • DISC BASIC: For MO5 with floppy interface. Must be loaded from disc. Extends the BASIC 1.0 with extra commands that could not be fitted into ROM, including all the disc management stuff.

Loading programs


  • LOAD and RUN are used to load BASIC programs. Nothing special here
  • LOADM is used to load binary files. The syntax is LOADM “FILENAME”,,R
    • When working from tape, the file name can be an empty string (“”) to load the first file found
    • The binaries have headers with the load and execute addresses, so you don't need to specify those when loading.
    • Adding ,,R after the filename tells the computer to load the file and immediately jump at the execution address. Otherwise you get back to BASIC.


  • The DISC BASIC itself is auto-booted from a floppy (if present) when the machine starts. In case you want to load it yourself you can boot a floppy using the DOS command.
  • When booting, if a BASIC file named AUTOEXEC.BAT is found, it will be executed immediately. You can use this to make autoboot floppies. Start with a copy of the DISC BASIC disc and add your own files.
  • Otherwise, the load and save commands work as usual. You can use drive identifiers: LOAD“0:FILE.BAS”. Drives 0 and 1 are the two sides of the same floppy, drives 2 and 3 are the other floppy drive, if present.


Most of the time it is enough to press the B button on the menu to boot a disc and run AUTOEXEC.BAT on machines with BASIC 512.

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