Programmable devices

  • 6809E - 8bit CPU by Motorola
  • I/O Devices - General information and memory map
    • 6551 ACIA - Serial port controller by MOS Technology.
    • 6821 PIA - Programmable Interface Adapter by Motorola.
    • 6846 PIA - Programmable Interface Adapter, with Timer and ROM, by Motorola.
    • 6850 ACIA - Serial port controller by Motorola.
    • Gate Arrays - Thomson custom chips
    • EF9369 - Color palette generator

Floppy controllers

  • WD177x - WDC floppy controller
  • THMFC1 - Thomson custom floppy controller






  • BASIC keywords - Complete keyword list with descriptions.
  • BASIC howto - Get started with operating the computer, loading files, etc.
  • BASIC internals - BASIC file format, keyword and function tokens.

Floppy ROM

Native utilities


  • The official development tool is the Microsoft 6809 Assembler cartridge.
  • A patched and improved version of it is available. For older machines it needs to be put on a ROM in a real cartridge, but for the TO8/D/9+ it can also be used as a CHG resident program.
  • An alternative is AssDesass, which runs as regular software loaded from tape or disk.
  • On MO5/6, there is also ODIN


  • Colorpaint
  • Graffiti
  • Pictor


  • Music 3V (3-channel music for MO6/TO8)

Cross development tools


  • TEO - Emulator for TO machines, fairly accurate, with built-in debugger. Linux and Windows, open source.
  • JTEO (Java port of the above)
  • MESS - Rather accurate emulation for all machines, built-in debugger, multi platform, open source.
  • dcmoto - Emulator for all Thomson machines, Windows only, closed source. Usually runs existing software well, but may behave unexpectedly with new code.
  • dcmo5, dcto8d, dcmo6 - Older version of the above,. One emulator per machine. DCMO5 and DCTO8D are open source and multiplatform, but DCMO6 is not.
  • marcel'o'5 - Older emulator, not very accurate. Open source.


  • lwtools modern cross macro assembler with lots of features.
  • c6809

C compilers

  • gcc6809 modern compiler using lwtools for assembling and linking.
  • mc09, K&R compiler, smaller but more limited.


  • GrafX2, the ultimate 256-color painting program, features a color constraint checker for Thomson
  • png2mo5 converts PNG files to the Thomson screen format. It works for TO machines, too.


  • cc90
  • PulkoMandy's Thomson stuff Source for various demos and other software, and several small tools for managing floppy and tape images, and so on. Open source, very portable code.
  • Vital Motion
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