PulkoMandy's BeOS software archive

You can help with this archive in various ways. First, you may notice that a lot of software is not listed at all. Some of these are in the unsorted directories here. Some is floating around the internet on some other websites.

The first way to help is to submit a description file for these files. A description file is easy to write, and allows the file to be shown in the web pages. Here is a complete example:

shortdesc:Drawing application.
<p>Get the latest version on OsDrawer.net !</p>
<p>ArtPaint is a drawing program with pixels.</p>

As you can see, it's very easy to write such a file. the lines starting with a word and a colon sign are identified by the website engine and used to fill the program data. Below these line, a freeform htm ldescription can be made. There are some things to know:

If you write such a description file (even incomplete), please send it to pulkomandy@gmail.com. It will be added to the archive.

Another way to help is by taking screenshots. For apps that run on Haiku, it's easy to do. Send them by mail as well (telling which app it is). The screenshots will make the archive look more interesting.

If you located the sourcecode for a project in the nosource category, please provide us with a link so we can mirror it. We've already seen some released code vanish out of the internet because no one cared to mirror it.

If you took over development of a project, let us know as well so we can link to your website. This will show that the site is at least somewhat working.

Feel free to mail me any suggestions: changes to the desc-files, better css stylesheet, whatever.