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#include "BeDC.h"
int main(){
//Create the BeDC Object
BeDC dc;
//Normal Message
dc.SendMessage("Welcome to BeDC!!!");
//Send a BPoint
BPoint point(40,120);
//Send a BRect
BRect rect(80,60,130,140);
//Create another BeDC Object - With green head
BeDC dc_green("Multiple Colors", DC_GREEN);
//Send an int32 - with a specified description
dc_green.SendInt((int32)120, "item count");
//Add a separator
//Send a error text
dc_green.SendMessage("An error has occured!", DC_ERROR);
//Send a success
dc_green.SendMessage("Finished!!!", DC_SUCCESS);
//Dump a BMessage
BMessage *Message = new BMessage((int32)1000);
Message->AddString("Text", "Dump Message Test...");
Message->AddInt32("An Int", 2000);
Message->AddPoint("A BPoint", BPoint(150,360));
dc.DumpBMessage(Message, "A Description");
return 0;