Renga is an instant messaging client for Haiku, using the XMPP protocol.


  • One to one and group chats
  • Chat history preserved on the server and shown when you connect
  • User avatars
  • Hightlight notifications
  • Colorized text

Work is in progress to add full support of recommended XMPP protocol extensions is tracked in #47.

If you want more details about the XMPP features, check the doap.xml file.

Latest news

08/05/2024 - Renga 1.26

Changes since v1.25:

  • XEP-0368 (TLS SRV records), completing the "core compliance advanced client" level.
  • Fix message highlight based on nickname being present in message (without explicit references).
  • Anonymous chat actually allows you to select a nickname.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Use latest version of libcss.
  • Improve size of panels at the left and right of the main window.

23/12/2023 - Renga 1.25 is released

Changes since v1.24:

  • Account passwords are now stored safely in BKeyStore instead of cleartext in the settings file
  • Multiple accounts can be saved in the settings file
  • Use the Renga icon instead of the lightbulb everywhere (following XEP-0263 ECO-XMPP recommendation)
  • Allow use of Renga without creating an account in 'anonymous mode', join the Renga channel automatically then so you have some place to start chatting
  • Improve error handling in case of failed login or server connection (go back to the login page and show an error message)
  • Fix SCRAM for channel binding with TLS 1.3 connections
  • XEP-0402 bookmarks are now fully supported
  • The main chat view was replaced by Stippi's new TextView. No functional changes, it should look identical to the previous one mostly, but it opens for future developments such as message corrections and retractation, MAM, and message reactions (I will try to work on these for the next version)
  • Hovering on links in the chat view shows a linkmouse cursor, and right click shows a popup menu where you can easily copy the link
  • Move out of GitHub, Renga is now hosted on my personal Gerrit/Trac instance
  • Fix various crashes

Join us!

We have an XMPP chat room for developers and users of Renga (as well as Haiku and XMPP enthusiasts). Come and say hi!

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