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(edit) @6b7ba36   7 months pulkomandy Restore hyperlinks functionality in new chat view main
(edit) @ff1ec46   7 months pulkomandy Work-In-Progress conversion to HaikuDepot's text view Part of #39main
(edit) @80f876c   10 months pulkomandy Fix more misuses of gloox API causing crashes when there is no config … main
(edit) @2285608   13 months pulkomandy Remove lightbulb icon Fixes #91 main
(edit) @39d1064   13 months pulkomandy Support mulitple accounts Since accounts are stored in keystore, this … main
(edit) @f15c323   13 months pulkomandy Remove all remaining use of libexpat It was used only for the … main v1.24
(edit) @573275e   15 months pulkomandy Implement XEP-0372 mentions handling (receive only) main
(edit) @8de9cce   15 months pulkomandy Add "barber pole" to BuddyInfoWindow while the vcard is being fetched … main
(edit) @60026be   15 months pulkomandy Implement XEP-0392 to colorize other user's names in chat view Fixes #61 main
(edit) @1173219   15 months pulkomandy Nickname tab completion part 2: handle nickname prefix main
(edit) @bc75da0   15 months pulkomandy Fix build with gloox 1.0.25 main
(edit) @0e33139   22 months pulkomandy Implement most of XEP-0410 (MUC self-ping) Missing the critical part: … main
(edit) @795a0ee   2 years pulkomandy [WIP] xhtml-im rendering - Get xhtml-im from messages and parse it … main
(edit) @2c25691   2 years pulkomandy Add catkeys generation in CMakeLists main
(edit) @16cdf0c   2 years pulkomandy Add localisation First round, only the layout managment aware or … main
(edit) @6cd7d71   3 years pulkomandy Update cmake minimum version to avoid a warning. We don't need to … main
(edit) @ce001cc   3 years nep jabber/BuddyWindow Cleanup and move to ui/AddBuddyWindow improves … main
(edit) @4a0dea7   3 years nep Remove Quick Messages main
(edit) @d309cdb   3 years nep Greatly simplify TalkView::AddToTalk main
(edit) @dc48e05   3 years nep Cleanup: Remove icq icon main
(edit) @d0a504b   3 years pulkomandy Fixup status icon position for group chats main
(edit) @3070376   3 years pulkomandy Replace icons with vector versions These look nicer, are … main
(edit) @19839ea   3 years pulkomandy Cleanup: Delete BetterTextView main
(edit) @41b154c   4 years pulkomandy Implement vcard support. Populate the "get buddy info" window with … main
(edit) @6d263af   4 years pulkomandy Cleanup and layoutify Buddy Info window. main
(edit) @85db625   4 years pulkomandy Move some files from jabber/ to ui/ It helps to see which parts of … main
(edit) @f9ce5c9   4 years pulkomandy Start conversion to single window With more than 3 windows, things … main
(edit) @5d8ae03   5 years jerome.duval Fix check for expat main
(edit) @763d92a   5 years pulkomandy Move AppLocation to support/ and remove AOL transport support main
(edit) @a77ea7f   5 years pulkomandy Remove support for Yahoo and MSN transports. These protocols are dead. main
(edit) @a81b887   5 years pulkomandy Move more useful stuff out of jabber/ main
(edit) @9a3e225   5 years pulkomandy Improve handling of invalid username/password Go back to the main … main
(edit) @0bb664f   5 years pulkomandy Buildsystem cleanups - Check for gloox and expat libraries - Check … main
(edit) @244cfb4   5 years pulkomandy XEP-0077: in-band registration Only the version with data forms is … main
(edit) @501ac0d   5 years pulkomandy Move some classes to ui/ directory. main
(edit) @d6cbfe4   5 years pulkomandy Work on bookmarks - Remove "channels" menu and instead list group … main
(edit) @e2d14a5   5 years pulkomandy [WIP] XEP-0077 In-Band Registration Also includes several cleanups, … main
(edit) @6d06a0b   5 years pulkomandy Rename to Renga I heard "Jabber for Haiku" is not a great name and … main
(edit) @36b773d   5 years pulkomandy Remove now unused SplitPane library, and implement message reception main
(edit) @23c206d   5 years pulkomandy [WIP] Remove old network code and unused classes. main
(edit) @7681693   5 years pulkomandy Store icons as resources main
(edit) @bbc97b6   5 years pulkomandy [WIP] Replace jabber code with gloox - Connecting to the server - … main
(edit) @d4acc92   5 years pulkomandy Enable Wall Werror and fix all problems found. main
(add) @d0f0237   5 years pulkomandy Switch to CMake and add some bitmaps as resources. main
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