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(edit) @8196a23   6 weeks pulkomandy Update DOAP with latest features main
(edit) @cafd65b   6 months pulkomandy Update screenshot and doap.xml for new release main v1.25
(edit) @96abbcb   7 months pulkomandy Update and reactivate XEP-402 bookmarks Follow recommended usage: … main
(edit) @24a91df   9 months pulkomandy doap: move out of github, add tls 1.3 channel binding RFC main
(edit) @c352382   13 months pulkomandy Fix typo in doap logo URL main
(edit) @59fbf5f   13 months pulkomandy Add DOAP to list of supported XEPs main
(edit) @8d194b0   13 months pulkomandy Add application icon in DOAP file main
(edit) @adbb111   13 months pulkomandy doap.xml: add 1.24 release, various cleanups main
(edit) @c47a8b7   13 months pulkomandy Some preparing for release 1.24 main
(edit) @573275e   15 months pulkomandy Implement XEP-0372 mentions handling (receive only) main
(edit) @60026be   15 months pulkomandy Implement XEP-0392 to colorize other user's names in chat view Fixes #61 main
(edit) @0e33139   22 months pulkomandy Implement most of XEP-0410 (MUC self-ping) Missing the critical part: … main
(edit) @47b8464   2 years pulkomandy Handle hyperlinks in XHTML-IM too main
(edit) @50ef44a   2 years pulkomandy Update DOAP and ReadMe for XHTML-IM support main
(edit) @983900e   4 years pulkomandy Add user avatars (XEP-0084) - Add PubSub logic so we can request and … main
(edit) @41b154c   4 years pulkomandy Implement vcard support. Populate the "get buddy info" window with … main
(edit) @d83b9da   4 years pulkomandy Fix link to doap xsl main
(edit) @26be1f9   4 years pulkomandy Add message carbons. Fixes #56 main
(edit) @997da51   4 years pulkomandy XEP-0115 is supported (by gloox internally) This means we're … main
(edit) @2711345   4 years pulkomandy Trust gloox on SSL certificates validation I checked the Gloox … main
(edit) @d772d93   4 years pulkomandy We do support the /me command. main
(edit) @244cfb4   5 years pulkomandy XEP-0077: in-band registration Only the version with data forms is … main
(edit) @7c38c7e   5 years pulkomandy Fix setting friendly names (users and bookmarks) main
(edit) @d6cbfe4   5 years pulkomandy Work on bookmarks - Remove "channels" menu and instead list group … main
(edit) @e2d14a5   5 years pulkomandy [WIP] XEP-0077 In-Band Registration Also includes several cleanups, … main
(edit) @38ed07d   5 years pulkomandy doap: update to the latest specification (#34) The xmpp-doap … main
(edit) @a34dec7   5 years pulkomandy doap: add support for XEP-0030 Gloox handles service discovery for … main
(add) @56418a8   5 years pulkomandy Add a doap file. Should help the XSF keep track of which client … main
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