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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#18 Export colorcycled picture as animated gif accepted enhancement major 2.10 GrafX2
#44 copy all layers/frames to spare page option accepted enhancement major 2.10 GrafX2
#120 Brush Factory uses short names and has relative path problems assigned defect minor 2.10 GrafX2
#137 Suggestion: Line Patterns in the Gradient Menu accepted enhancement trivial 2.10 GrafX2
#150 Support for a sprite layer accepted enhancement major 2.10 GrafX2
#164 Palette bug when RGB Scaled at "25" accepted defect major 2.10 GrafX2
#169 Atari version problem accepted defect major 2.8 GrafX2
#173 Win32 SDL builds are broken assigned defect major 2.8 GrafX2
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